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Western Cyclocross League – Round 7 – The hills of Lockleaze

Anyone familiar with Bristol, especially if you commute, will know the large TV/comms aerial that sits on the hill above the M32 as you head into the city. Well, Round 7 of the Western League was run around the slopes under that aerial, so this course proved to be a war of attrition with my …


Shimano Sora 3500 groupset – No more thumb-shifters

In 2013 Shimano updated their Sora groupset from version 3400 to 3500 and at last those thumb-shifters have gone… but Shimano Sora is still 9-speed, so how much better is it? I’d suggest that it’s a quantum leap forward in capability. The Shimano Sora sits near the bottom of their range of road groupsets, and …


Shimano RS30 – Budget deep rim wheel set

I met a fellow Malmesbury cyclist after a ride last week and he asked me whether the deep rims on my bike were noticeable, and the honest were that they weren’t. Last year, the Shimano R500 rear wheel on my Cannondale finally gave up after nearly 8 years, which isn’t too bad I guess – …