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Upgrading the CAADX – Tubeless disc brake road wheels?

My Cannondale CAADX is still running exactly as it came out of the shop, with it’s Sora groupset and bog-standard wheels… all unchanged apart from the rear derailleur jockey wheels. It’s a terrific set-up for a winter commuter, but it needs to lose some weight for the winter cyclocross racing. I know that changing the …


Western League Round 9 – Back to Hengrove

This was the third race of the season at Hengrove, held here after Bath Council (allegedly?) took issue with the Odd Down track being used for a cyclocross race, so forced that to be cancelled. It should be said that this Western Cyclocross League is brilliantly organized and many thanks go to the team that …

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Winter bike saga – Part 3 – We got ‘cross

After all of the indecision (Part 1) and the fixie shenanigans (Part 2) I threw all of the original plans out and went back to the drawing board. While I was trying to sort of the ebay fixie, I managed to get a few mountain rides in and decisied that, having also seen the Cyclocross …