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Tektro CR720 cantilever cyclocross brakes – Initial impressions

My (secondhand) Kinesis came in a well-looked after condition and was fitted with Frogs cantilever brakes and TRP brake pads. Those have been fine as I made my first steps into the murky world of ‘cross racing, but in the last couple of races (with some more aggressive hills and corners) I’ve found the brakes …

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Replacing SRAM hoods – Easier than you’d think

The hood on my Kinesis’ right hand SRAM brake lever started to tear a few weeks back and by last week was clearly not going to last much longer, so needed replacing. The Kinesis is now proudly wearing brand new bright red SRAM doubletap hoods in place of the old black ones. They were suprisingly …


Hayes Stroker Carbon disc brakes

I had Hayes Stroker brakes fitted to my Marin Eldridge Grade and I found the design to give a more positive hand-hold than the Elixirs that are fitted to the Giant Anthem. Certainly the ergonomics of the Hayes levers was superior to the Avids. As you’d probably expect from a ‘carbon’ version, the build quality …