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PT thoughts – Opinions, not opinionated

I really struggle with the way that social media works in terms of creating false impressions and hopes for so many people, and I see that being carried over into a lot of public debate as well. It’s very easy for people to regurgitate some web-bait soundbite that flashes across their social media just because it sounds cool to their clients and ‘audience’. But I strongly believe that we all need to take time to think about what we’re saying, understand the implications and be confident to stand by our beliefs, but be prepared to listen and adapt those if we’re wrong.

Hence “opinions, not opinionated”… the modern world is full is opinionated people, all with their own on things MUST be done. Unfortunately that doesn’t work in a gym environment, where you’re dealing with a range of individuals, big, small, old, young. You can have opinions on how people should train, on what they should eat, what they should do, but you shouldn’t be forcing that on them… ultimately it’s their choice and you, as a PT, are there to guide them.

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