My PT Journey

MY PT Journey – first steps

I’m winding the clock back to late 2017… I’d been thinking for a while whether I wanted to spend the rest of my in a ‘normal’ job. There were a number of factors, whether an office job that paid well was giving me the satisfaction I was looking for, whether I’d be able to continue picking up work as a self-employed contractor, but more importantly whether I had a set of innate skills that would be better employed in a different role. At the time I’d also signed up for some personal training to help me get my mojo back – I basically needed a kickstart and I’d just signed up to do a 49km run in the Alps, which was way outside of my comfort zone. That experience (and many thanks to Adele for sorting out my programmes) made me realise that I actually had much of the knowledge and personal skills to be an effective PT myself, so that started several months of homework on what the options were.

Moving forward, I had a meeting with Hannah at Bath University about their Blended learning Level 2 Fitness Instructor and 3 Diploma in Personal Training to run through what expectations there were of the course and students. That went really well, so I bit the bullet and paid the fees, ready for a course that started in April, albeit we had a good deal of notes to read through and get familiar with ahead of our first weekend at Bath University.

Bath Uni offer a couple of versions of their Level 2 Fitness Instructor and 3 Diploma in Personal Training course. One is full-time over early summer, the other is what they ‘blended learning’, which is spread over four or five months with six weekends on-site at the university supplemented by learning at home. Mine was the blended option and, while it seemed a long time and you have to manage your home learning (i.e. find the time), it worked a dream… although the family might suggest otherwise, I thought it complimented my ‘normal’ job and family life really well.

I’ll run through the various aspects of the Level 2 nd Level 3 courses in separate posts.

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