My PT Journey

This is the story of how I became a Personal Trainer

Although I formally started my PT journey in April 2018, I’ve arguably had the skills and drive within me for many years. I’ve always been pretty active, with lifes ups and downs having the normal influences on my fitness, I’ve coached kayaking and I’ve always been ready to encourage anyone to work to the ir best abilities. So this set of posts outlines how the fantastic people at Team Bath (Bath University) took me through the Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer courses, and how I’ve since applied those… thanks you for reading and feel free to contact me if you’d to know more about becoming a Personal Trainer.

Recent Posts

  • I really enjoy covering the sessions after school Monday through Thursday. We allow the local pupils to use the gym, as long as we have Level 3 cover. The first few weeks were a gradual process of building relationships and proving to the pupils that support from a personal trainer could be beneficial to the way they train. This past week has been an interesting one, having come off of my bike and cracked & strained some ribs in the process. Being up & about is great, but over a week later some of my movements are still compromised. So when a couple of lads asked to go through good bicep curl technique, grabbing the 12kg dumbbells was a mistake… “Actually, I’ll just demonstrate with the 3kg dumbells instead”. To their credit all of the kids have asked about my ribs over the past week and whether I’m feeling better, so clearly earning their trust, which can can help to increase their training results in months to come.

  • The biggest buzz for me came from studying at Bath University – it’s an absolutely staggering facility place to learn that can’t but fail to inspire anyone studying there. To quote from the TeamBath website, they: o – Provide an inspirational sports and fitness environment for athletes of all ages and abilities from beginners to elite athletes and from recreational to competitive. o – And their international standard £30 million Sports Training Village is backed by a centre of expertise in physiotherapy, sport science and athlete development. For anyone considering any career in personal training, I’d definitely recommend you take a look at Bath.

  • Team Bath (Bath University) offer a blended learning course split across the Level 2 Fitness Instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer qualifications. You need to pass the Level 2 in order to progress on to the Level 3. The Level 2 course is delivered over 12 compulsory units ranging from anatomy & physiology, principles of nutrition, health & safety in a fitness environment through to preparing & instructing gym-based exercise. It’s a good grounding to let you provide basic gym cover gym. The age range on the course was never going to be a problem for me, but it was interesting to see that I wasn’t the only ‘oldie’ on the course, with the age spread from 20 to mid-50s. The biggest thing for me was going back to formal learning and exam-based assessments. There are two exams as part of the overall assessment, one in anatomy & physiology and the other in nutrition & exerise principles. The latter is arguably the easier, as it’s more common-sense, but the former is proper learning (names of muscles & bones, how the body creates & utilises energy, etc) – it’s all OK, but you do need to find the time to do

  • I’m winding the clock back to late 2017… I’d been thinking for a while whether I wanted to spend the rest of my in a ‘normal’ job. There were a number of factors, whether an office job that paid well was giving me the satisfaction I was looking for, whether I’d be able to continue picking up work as a self-employed contractor, but more importantly whether I had a set of innate skills that would be better employed in a different role. At the time I’d also signed up for some personal training to help me get my mojo back – I basically needed a kickstart and I’d just signed up to do a 49km run in the Alps, which was way outside of my comfort zone. That experience (and many thanks to Adele for sorting out my programmes) made me realise that I actually had much of the knowledge and personal skills to be an effective PT myself, so that started several months of homework on what the options were. Moving forward, I had a meeting with Hannah at Bath University about their Blended learning Level 2 Fitness Instructor and 3 Diploma in Personal Training to run through what