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Cycling Hardknott and Wrynose Passes

Thank you Hardknott that was the toughest days riding ever, but I’m so glad that I did it. Over the past twelve months we’ve talked about a variety of cycle ‘challenges’, but being relatively time-poor, my preference is always to really up the anti… to get maximum bangs from my ‘time away’ bucks. So when …

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DEDOMP – Double expresso, dash of milk, please.

There’s a new acronym doing the rounds at Mombee Central… DEDOMP, most definitely not DEDOM. When I’m out on a spin, if I can possible engineer the route I will go via Veloton (hopefully while it’s open) and order a “double expresso, dash of milk, please”… It’s the ideal pick-up ahead of the final stretch …


Veloton – best coffee in North Wilts and it sells bikes!

Although Veloton is definitely not a cafe, it does serve the best coffee (and some tempting flapjack) within spitting distance of home in Malemsbury. It may be ‘over the border’ at the top of Tetbury High Street in Gloucestershire, but it also does this from the front room of a neat little bike shop . …