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Bianchi Oltre XR.2 – £15,000 dream bike?

I’ve been working through some options with Veloton in Tetbury for my new bike, but having failed to fall in love with a Bianchi Intenso in the classic ‘Bianchi’ blue-green colour scheme, they pointed me at a Bianchi Sempre. Although the Intenso and Sempre are fairly close in their geometries, I was keen to try …

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Racer Rosa jumps to the top of the Dream Bike list

Concerns that a Condor, albeit a steel steed, might not quite tick the exclusivity boxes, have meant the Acciaio dropping to second on the Dream List. Although I have yet to see one in the flesh, on paper (or rather the web) the Racer Rosa Spirit frame looks to be about perfect… just need to …

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Mombee Dream bike list, January 2014

Number one is the Condor Acciaio or Super Acciaio, much discussion to be had over the group set, which must be Campagnolo, but is Chorus or Athena the way to go? And what about the wheels? Close in second place is an Enigma Evoke or Esprit – too much Titanium? And third is the Ridley …