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Top tips for getting through the day without snacking

Stopping snacking is by far one of the hardest thing any of us has to do when we start to think about managing our diets. Hunger, even the tiniest inclination, can drive us quickly towards the biscuit tin, so here are some top tips to help break that habit: Find a breakfast that keeps you …

Food tips

Food tip 2 – Add chilli to your diet!

Chilli is great for adding taste to food and if you start to think of it as the savoury equivalent to sugar, you can start to shift some of your diet from sugary to savoury. I suspect that there’s some science behind this – with chilli offering a similar additive ‘high’ to sugar (I’m sure …

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Main meal recipe – smoked haddock and spinach gratin

Finding good and tasty low-calorie meals can be challenging… more so when you’re pushed for time to prepare things… and even more so when you’re trying to maintain a good level of protein in the meal. So I was delighted when I stumbled across a smoked haddock and spinach gratin recipe on the Lavender and …


Coffee for cyclists – Part 2 – Getting into hot water

In Part 1 we looked at coffee, so how to best turn that into a decent cuppa? Making coffee from ground beans is dead simple, you literally just add hot-water… the key is preparing the coffee in a way that keeps the grounds out of the mug and, most importantly, get the maximum amount of …


Coffee for cyclists – Part 1 – The ground rules

Excuse the pun in the title, but let’s jump in at the deep end… those little Nespresso capsules are not coffee. Honestly they’re not, they’re just an excuse for companies to extract cash out of you for some lifestyle device that you really (really!!) don’t need. If you need coffee instantly, then use instant coffee …