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Winter bike saga – Part 3 – We got ‘cross

After all of the indecision (Part 1) and the fixie shenanigans (Part 2) I threw all of the original plans out and went back to the drawing board. While I was trying to sort of the ebay fixie, I managed to get a few mountain rides in and decisied that, having also seen the Cyclocross …

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Winter bike saga – Part 2 – The ebay nightmare

As outlined in Part 1 of the Winter Bike Saga, at the start of Dec 2014 I decided that a fixie would be the ideal winter hack and although I was happy to buy a new bike (the Fuji Track looked the best bet), a secondhand single-speed fixie caught my eye on ebay. In practice …

General News

Winter bike saga – Part 1

Firstly… this is a bit of a retrospective… I shoulkd have posted this back in early December 2014, but what with this and that the Mombee Posts went awry… so here’s my attempt to catch-up, I trust no-one minds too much. As we headed into the winter I was getting nervous… I was really concerned …