Month: November 2014


Vittoria Rubino Pro – Summer road tyre

Vittoria’s Rubino has been my ‘go to’ summer tyre for quite a few years now. They have a good heritage and are well made, but are always competitively priced. On the road during the summer the Rubino’s are supple, providing a good level of grip and a comfortable ride. More importantly, in my experience, with …


Coffee for cyclists – Part 1 – The ground rules

Excuse the pun in the title, but let’s jump in at the deep end… those little Nespresso capsules are not coffee. Honestly they’re not, they’re just an excuse for companies to extract cash out of you for some lifestyle device that you really (really!!) don’t need. If you need coffee instantly, then use instant coffee …

Bike News

Ultimate Christmas presents for cyclists

Ultimate Christmas presents Cycling gives you the option to spend amounts of money on your passion (that’s your bike, not your significant other?) that start to make your head spin. How about a bike for the price of a small car or feeding an expensive coffee addiction with the ultimate expresso machine? Ever since we …