Month: October 2014


High capacity battery for SolarStorm

Our SolarStorm 2x CREE XML U2 LED bike light has always been compromised by it’s battery. I doubt we’ve ever really had more than an hour from the lamp and in recent weeks the battery performance has dropped off a cliff. Having the dual-lamp configuration, the SolarStorm was always going to burn through the power …

Cycle Blog

Best Christmas presents for cyclist – the stocking fillers

It’s that time again… what to buy your bike-obsessed friend/brother/wife/son/etc for Christmas. So here’s the first of two reviews to help you out… the second one looks at those special (more expensive – Ed) presents that you’ll see appearing on lists for Santa, but this one gives you some simple initial ideas. Where you’re buying …

Bike News

Quick Caps – A Kickstarter project for a bicycle quick release wheel lock

I’ve just pledged the first Mombee Kickstarter support for Curtis Dorrington, a local (Bristol) designer who has produced a simple lock to stop people opening a bicycle wheel’s quick release. It’s a neat idea that should stop someone nicking your wheels, which is a worry when in town or commuting, and inevitably means carrying extra …